What are your services like?

At SHM, we enjoy Spirit filled worship services that include inspirational teaching/preaching, and life changing alter services. We endeavor to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in every service.

Our sanctuary is open for pre-service prayer on Sunday mornings from 9:30am-10am. We begin each service with lively worship unto the Lord with joyful singing and music. We pause briefly for announcements and special prayer requests. Then, we engage together as the pastor/speaker preaches from God's Word. Our services usually conclude with a time of worship and prayer.

The saints of SHM are the kind of people you'd love to meet! We love everybody! We love to worship together and fellowship together. At SHM, you're not just a member, your more like family.

We're a 'book of Acts' kind of church where the gifts of the Spirit are in operation. We've seen numerous miracles, signs, and wonders. We've seen many people delivered from depression, oppression, and addiction. And, we've seen many people filled with the life changing, awesome power of the Holy Spirit.

Periodically, SHM will have special prayer services on a Friday night. These Friday night prayer services can range from a couple of hours to all night prayer. This is a special time of focused prayer and fellowship. Shorter time prayer meetings are usually concluded with refreshments and fellowship.

How long are your services?

Sunday School is from 10am-10:45am. This is for all ages, including adults.

Sunday Worship Service begins at 11am and usually ends around 12-ish (noon). Though we aim to be cognizant of everyone's time, we try to be most respectful to the flow and presence of God in each service. Currently, we do not hold a Sunday evening service. Instead, we get to genuinely enjoy our time together during our Sunday morning services without the worry of rushing through them.

Wednesday night service begins at 7:30pm and usually ends between 8:30pm and 9pm.

What should I wear?

We invite you to come dressed as comfortable as possible. You do not have to dress like us to worship with us. Our desire is to draw attention to God, not ourselves. But, to help you understand our beliefs on the subject, in addition to inward holiness, we also believe in the outward holiness guidelines of the Word of God concerning how believers in Christ are to dress. We believe God's Word teaches that Christians should dress in a modest fashion so as not to cause an immoral distraction to others.(1 Peter 1:16) We also believe God's Word encourages Christians to dress in a manor that reflects a distinction between genders. (Deut. 22:5)

Where do my children go after Sunday School?

At the close of our Sunday School services, we take a 10-15 minute break. At 11am, everyone gathers in the sanctuary for Sunday Worship Service (including children ages 4yrs and older). If need be, children ages 0-3yrs old are permitted to remain in the Nursery with our nursery attendants during this time.

What does your church do for fun?

SHM has developed a great Christian based fellowship meeting called CONNECT. During this event we transform our sanctuary for a time of fun, fellowship, and lots and lots of games for all ages! Drinks and snacks are available at this event. Connect night is an affordable, safe, and fun experience for everyone. This event is supported through our Outreach fund, and admission is free. We plan to hold this event once every quarter.

If schedules allow, we try to have 3-4 seasonal in-house dinners, or times of fellowship and refreshments, a year. We have special events for graduation other celebrations. On occasion, our fellowship will go on a churchwide outings [ex: bowling, zoo trips, etc.].

Do you offer ASL translation for the hearing impaired?

Currently, we are blessed to have a certified ASL translator for our hearing impaired guests. Occasionally, SHM offers free classes to learn ASL. We also have a sign language drama team called 'Hands of Praise'.

How do I become a member of SHM?

First, let me say you do not have to be a 'member' of this church to attend our services. We welcome everyone to come and enjoy our services and fellowship. We encourage our guests to visit as long as they like. Should you decide to become a member of SHM, all you have to do is meet with the pastor and advise him of your decision to be a member. The pastor will then make an announcement to the congregation with a warm welcome of you as a member of this fellowship. Our office will provide you with some forms to fill out for office purposes as well as to help us get an idea of your talents, and interests. We will also provide you the opportunity to be included in our emails and texting notification programs.

How can I get water baptized?

After repentance, we are required to be water baptized 'in Jesus name' for the remission of our sins (Acts 2:38). Those who desire to be water baptized can either notify the pastor before or after service, or schedule a brief meeting with the pastor to discuss the process.

How do I get involved?

SHM endeavors to help everyone find their place in the kingdom of God. All members are asked to fill out one of SHM's 'Personal Information Forms'. Included in this form are areas you can mark to show your personal skills, as well as areas of church ministries you're interested in. Afterwards, if you'd like to get involved in the church, simply schedule a brief meeting with the pastor to discuss your personal areas of interest.

Can a guest take communion?

Yes! Guest are encouraged to participate in our communion services. You do not have to be a member of SHM to take communion. Communion services are offered several times a year.

What is the Snack Shack?

SHM offers a variety of coffee, snacks, and drinks before service begins and a few minutes after service. The Snack Shack closes 15 minutes before services begin. Cash and Checks are accepted.

Do you provide mobile transportation services?

Currently, we do not have mobile transportation services. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will update this page as soon as transportation services are available. We encourage you to view our live services online on our SHM Facebook page.